Activejet: we have received another European Quality Certificate 2018 and Eagle of Quality


This year ACTION S.A. together with the Activejet brand received the title of the European Quality Certificate and the honorary statuette of the Eagle of Quality. This award is given to laureates who have been awarded the European Quality Certificate six times and thus confirmed that quality is a permanent feature of the culture and strategy of the company and the brand they represent.

The consumer survey conducted by ABR SEST shows that almost 90% of consumers choose products based on their quality. However, it is quality in different contexts of an organisation, understood as a result of the work of many departments in the organisation, because without cooperation the companies could not achieve their goals, also in the context of product quality.

In order to provide customers with Activejet inks and toners whose parameters are of the highest quality, we have to comply with a number of rules every day, from the production process of our consumables to the service stage in the customer's office. These standards are examined carefully by the competition jury. They are carefully examined and evaluated, and those who pass this exam successfully can count on the truly well-deserved European Quality Certificate awarded this year to our ATH-79 N printer toner model – comments Dominika Kopycka, Sales Development Plenipotentiary at ACTION S.A.

The European Quality Certificate is a continuation of the one organised since 2006 – the Quality of the Year Certificate. The aim of the project is to select such companies and brands that not only declare, but also implement quality policies in their organisations. In order to verify this, each company participating in the competition undergoes a four-step verification process. One of these is a quality audit. The successful completion of each stage of the competition and a positive verdict from the jury means that the brand is awarded the European Quality Certificate title, which is the only one in Poland to be covered by the honorary patronage of the EUROPEAN ORGANISATION FOR QUALITY in Brussels and is internationally recognised.