Poles have once again chosen the quality of ActiveJet


The Consumer Quality Leader 2019 survey once again showed which brands Poles put their trust in. Almost 15.5 thousand respondents assessed the quality of services and products available on the domestic market. Activejet was once again among the awarded brands this year.

The survey is one of the most prestigious and representative consumer programmes. Its aim is to select a leader on the basis of a survey conducted among respondents who indicate the best quality brands and products available on the Polish market for a given year in a face-to-face survey or via the Internet. Respondents are asked not only about the level of quality of services, but also about the associations that the brands evoke. The survey not only identifies current market leaders, but also helps to gather knowledge about the quality of selected products and services. From this, the best companies and products are selected.  The winners of the competition receive not only confirmation of the positive effects of their work, but also the license and badge of Consumer Quality Leader. This, in turn, ensures that customers purchasing a product of a given brand are assured that their purchasing decisions are correct and simply the best.

Activejet – quality leader
The survey, which took place for the eighth time this year, selected Activejet as Quality Leader 2019.  Respondents unanimously stated that Activejet offers an extremely wide range of alternative printer materials at an appropriate price and of very good quality.

We are extremely grateful to our customers for their appreciation. This only confirms that our strategy is correct and that our products are of the highest quality. The respondents chose Activejet as a leader both based on their own experiences with our products (over 71% of the respondents) and as a recommended brand in as many as 73% of cases. We are honoured to be able to welcome so many Polish people who, according to the survey, constitute more than half of our customers – says Dominika Kopycka, Sales Development Plenipotentiary at ACTION S.A.

The Consumer Quality Leader 2019 survey is a sign that Activejet is a professional, quality brand that offers a competitive price and guarantees a successful purchase. Look for Activejet products with the Consumer Quality Leader 2019 label in your stores.