The customers value the quality. The printing industry market: recapitulation


Independent experts agree: it is not the price of the cartridge, but its quality, that positively affects clients' consumer choices. Recent IDC research shows that the entities concerned with the quality of their products are those with the largest market share.
IDC, the International analytics company, has given a recapitulation of Polish printing industry market in the second half of 2016. The analysis shows that, during this period, the consumables market value stayed nearly the same as in the second half of 2015. And yet we can see the first signs of market maturity. The first sign is definitely the growth share in the primary market. The second sign is a huge disproportion between the quantitative and qualitative share in the replacement market.
IDC research results show that the original products recorded nearly 5% growth. The replacement market, on the other hand, noted a relevant decrease of as much as 12% of qualitative share, and 4.7% of quantitative share, comparing to this time of a year back in 2015. As Rafał Ornowski, the Representative of the ACTION S.A. Board of Directors for Activejet brand, comments on, 'Those qualitative decreases, significantly smaller when compared to the quantitative decreases, indicate the ongoing price competition on the market. We can clearly see that customers find it more profitable to invest in a high quality replacement cartridge or toner, than to choose a product of unknown origin, which has no traceable history of repeatable high quality in market research.
Activejet and Actis are still the leaders
IDC research on the second half of 2016 shows that the leader in quantitative sales is still the Activejet brand, which, along with Actis brand, has over 33% of market share. 'Recently published IDC statistics are very significant for us. They show that caring about the repeatable high quality of products pays - not only in the form of awards such as 'Golden Customer Laurel' or 'Internet Laurel’, among others, but it is also reflected in market analyses conducted by the largest research institutions such as IDC – as Rafał Ornowski, the Representative of the ACTION S.A. Board of Directors for the Activejet brand, sums up.