Activejet rebranding


Activejet, the leader of the printing supplies market and a manufacturer of high quality lighting products is rebranding. The process involves changes to the packaging of printing consumables, the brand's logotype and website. Those measures are intended to emphasize the key features of the brand, e.g., its modern character, the quality of its products and the European background.

Activejet is a leading printing supplies brand in the Central and Eastern Europe, owned by the Action S.A. Capital Group, which is now celebrating its 25th anniversary. During the quarter of century on the market and its constant growth and expansion based on the company's know-how and cutting-edge logistics facilities, ActiveJet has built a strong position both in Poland and in the rest of Europe. As a leader in its sector, Activejet sets global trends and directions for the world's education on quality and modern technologies.

Rebranding of Activejet is a logical consequence of the constant investments into the development of the brand. The company emphasizes an integrated and long-term approach to development, as well as the search for novelty solutions and adjustments to the needs of customers. Those aspects have become the key reasons for the rebranding project.

The first significant change is the change of the Activejet logotype itself. The previous bipartite caption in two colours placed on the red and white rectangles has now been unified. The brand logo has got a minimalistic design, which now consists of a simple white caption placed on a red rectangular background. The new logotype has appeared on the brand's website as well.

Minimalism and simplicity are the key features of the new design of packaging of ActiveJet printing consumables, dominated by extremely popular and elegant steel grey. Not only does the new minimalist design follow the latest trends but it also emphasizes the premium nature of ActiveJet products. A significant novelty is the addition of the „European Brand” symbol. It shows the genuinely European background of the brand and indicates each component's country of origin.

The packaging includes a clear summary of product benefits to the consumer. The packaging of the inkjet cartridges is divided into four clear sections with information
about the compatible device the product is intended for. Importantly, one of the sections informs the customer of the percentage efficiency in contrast to the original OEM product. Moreover, there is a perfectly visible information about the 5-year warranty.

Rafał Ornowski, ACTION S.A. Management Board's Representative for the ActiveJet brand has said: "Rebranding is a natural consequence of the constant development of the brand. As leaders in our sector, we follow the global trends as well as setting them by becoming the benchmark for our competitors. After 14 years of market presence ActiveJet is a strong European brand with great prospects. We keep following our objectives persistently."