Refill your cartridges easily and economically with new ActiveJet inks


Refill your cartridges easily and economically with new ActiveJet inks

ActiveJet has expanded its product range by adding ink refill kits for HP and regenerated ActiveJet inkjet cartridges. The refill kits are available in two varieties: ARS-BK, which include 6 six-millilitre ink containers, and ARS-CMY with 12 containers 4 ml each (3 containers of each colour of ink). The disposable ink containers are plastic bags designed for use with the following ink refill systems: ARS-21, ARS-22, ARS-300B, ARS-300C, ARS-350 and ARS-351.

ActiveJet refill kits enable the user to refill genuine HP inkjet cartridges and can also be used with refurbished ActiveJet ones. Using our products to refill your cartridges manually will help you substantially reduce your printer maintenance costs. The Automatic Refill System (ARS) technology provides an easy way to refill an emptied cartridge without risking its damage, and our patented seal prevents the ink from leaking out. The entire procedure takes just a few minutes to complete. The quality of ActiveJet inks allows reusing the same cartridge many times. And there is more: the new products come with a 60-month warranty.

Purchasing new refill bags to an existing ActiveJet refill system will reduce the printing costs even further. The users can refill their cartridges on their own, which allows them to cut the cost per page significantly. It must also be noted that this refill method will not cause the print quality to deteriorate. All parts of the system – the cartridge, the ink bag and the refill system - are certified and manufactured in strict compliance with the most stringent standards. Ink containers feature a patented seal which prevents their content from spilling during the refill operation. Just as other ActiveJet consumables, our refill systems are covered by a 5-year warranty , explains Rafał Ornowski, Representative of the Board of Directors for Brand Management.

The Suggested Retail Price for the refill kit is PLN 29 for ARS-BK and PLN 36 for ARS-CMY. Depending on the model, the kit includes six 6 ml containers with black ink (36 ml in total) or twelve 4 ml containers with colour inks (48 ml in total). The reusable refill system is sold separately and also includes a full set of ink containers.