Our brand

The Activejet brand came into existence in 2002 and has been an important ingredient of our success story ever since. We are a national leader in Poland in terms of product sales and brand awareness, a fact confirmed on countless occasions by various consumer surveys. We hold BSI and TUV Rheinland certificates. Both organisations additionally monitor our manufacturing processes.

Since the very birth of Activejet as a brand, we have focused on our integrated and long-term approach to its growth and maintaining the best world-class standards of quality, innovation and advanced technology.

During the 30 years of ACTION's history we have achieved the top rank in sales on the Central and Eastern-European market, which we attribute, among other initiatives, to the constant development of the Activejet brand, based on the company's know-how and its state-of-the-art logistics facilities.


In short:

  • We have been present on the market since 2002, which means we have many years' experience in creating innovative solutions in the field of printer consumables.
  • Our brand is owned by ACTION S.A., a leading player of the IT distribution market, which gives us unique industry insight and know-how and excellent logistics support (for details, please visit: www.action.pl)
  • In our operations we follow a long-term development strategy. We put emphasis on quality and broad availability of our products. We also keep expanding our portfolio by adding the most sought after models. Our products undergo regular testing and checks to make sure they will meet the requirements of even the most demanding end users.
  • We hold international certificates awarded by the international certification organisation BSI and the German TUV Rheinland, which additionally monitor our manufacturing processes.
  • We offer the best print quality – thanks to the innovative solutions our products are unique for their top quality and high performance. In the recent years Activejet has won more top ranks in quality tests on the Polish market than any other company.
  • We have been building brand awareness for Activejet ensuring the brand has been actively contributing to supporting and promoting the Polish sport. In the years 2012-2013 Activejet was a well visible part of Legia Warszawa Football Club brand image as its primary sponsor. Since 2014 Activejet has been the strategic sponsor of the VERVA Activejet Team, a professional cycling team taking part in the most renowned road cycling races (e.g. the Tour de Pologne, Tour de Suisse, Cyclassic Hamburg)
  • Our leading market position is confirmed by independent surveys. According to IDC, the international market research, analysis and advisory firm, Activejet is the no. 1 brand in terms of the quantity of non-OEM consumables sold, both in the segment of inkjet cartridges as well as in that of laser toner cartridges.
  • Activejet has excellent reputation on the market, which is frequently confirmed and proven by numerous prestigious awards and trust marks our brand has received (for the original Polish names of those, please refer to our Polish website):
    • 2016 – Golden Consumer's Laurel, Consumer Quality Leader, 1st rank among non-OEM ink cartridges according to PC World, Golden IT Ace
    • 2015 – Consumer Quality Leader, Golden Consumer's Laurel
    • 2014 – Leader of the Decade, Golden IT Ace, Consumer Quality Leader, Golden Consumer's Laurel
    • 2013 – Golden Customer's Laurel, Top Brand, Golden IT Ace, Student Brand of the Year, Virtual Industry Leader, 1st rank among non-OEM ink cartridges according to PC World
    • 2012 – Consumer Quality Leader, Golden Customer's Laurel, Top Brand1st rank among non-OEM ink cartridges
    • 2011 – Golden Customer's Laurel, Top Brand, Polish Quality seal
    • 2010 – Golden Customer's Laurel, CHIP Product of the Year
    • 2009 – Golden Quality of the Year, Golden Customer's Laurel, Student Brand of the Year
    • 2008 – Quality of the Year, Brand Leader
    • 2007 – Quality of the Year

More details: http://www.itreseller.pl/