Ink cartridges

Automatic system of replenishments Replacement for HP 901 CC653

Premium inkjet cartridge compatible with HP printing devices, replacement for cartridge HP 901 CC653. Product holds an increased volume of 18 ml of Black covered by a 5-year warranty.

Ink cartridges

Activejet inkjet cartridges are a perfect choice for customers who require the best quality of printout.

Our inkjet cartridges contain more ink than their original counterparts, yet still offer the same accurate colours.

Most Activejet inkjet printing heads, as well as ink and some other parts, are made of European components.

Activejet inkjet cartridges can be used as replacements for the most popular cartridge models from hp, Lexmark, Epson, Brother and Canon. Our products come in two flavours: Premium (brand new built of refurbished components) and Supreme (brand new made of new components). All Activejet cartridges undergo numerous quality tests at all stages of their manufacturing process, which is additionally, monitored by independent and impartial external audit organisations TUV Rheinland and BSI.

Our experience and the bleeding-edge technology we use bring excellent results, which translate into top marks awarded to our products by independent media and experts.

Activejet is a leader of the Polish inkjet printer supplies market.


Product type Inks
Fits to devices HP
Type Replacement
Additional features of the packaging Cardboard box with hanger
Colour Black
Version Not applicable
Ink capacity 18 ml
Compatible consumables 901 CC653
Compatible consumables 704 CN692AE
Product condition New
Productivity (A4 pages) Not applicable
Compatible consumables 703 CD887AE
Technology Automatic Refill System
Product Automatic system of replenishments
Compatible consumables 301 CH561
Compatible consumables 300 CC641
Compatible consumables 950 CZ101AE
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Deskjet 1000A
Deskjet 1010
Deskjet 1050
Deskjet 1050A
Deskjet 1510
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