3GNU - 3M - BS
Extension lead with 3 sockets, 3 metre long, WHITE and GRAY.

Grounded electrical extension lead, 3 metre long, 3 output sockets, colour: white and grey

Power strips with overvoltage protection

Activejet power strips offer an obligatory level of protection against voltage surges and power fluctuations. They feature a grounded two-stage outlet protection system and an automatic fuse. Their insulating and fire-resistant housing can be either floor or wall mounted.

Extension cords

Electrical extension cords let you increase the distance between the wall power outlet and the device you want to connect to it, and they additionally give you an option to connect multiple pieces of electrical equipment.

Iserwis nameExtension cord 3GNU - 3M - white/gray
Manufacturer's code3GNU - 3M - BS
Nominal frequency50 Hz
Nominal voltage230 V
Number of sockets3 pcs
Types of AC socketsStandard PL
Cable length 3 m
Dimensions (H x L x thickness)38 x 178 x 60 mm
Housing materialPlastic, non-conductive, flame retardant
Body colourwhite/gray
Nominal load current10:00 AM
Optionally floor mountedYes