The Leader of the Decade

This year the quality programme, The Customer’s Laurel, celebrates its 10th anniversary. On this occasion, special mentions are awarded to the brands which have been included in the ranking from its very beginning, and continuously earn the highest marks. Therefore, in the category of printer consumables, the title of the Customer’s Laurel – the Leader of the Decade 2004-2014 – was awarded to ActiveJet.

The Customer Laurel Programme celebrates its anniversary. For more than 10 years, the programme has been based on consumer surveys. It has helped to identify the most popular brands, products and services on the Polish market. On this occasion, the Competition Editorial Jury has decided to mention the brands which, over the last decade, achieved the highest results in the annual rankings, and award them with special mentions as the Leaders of the Decade.

- I am very glad about this award. For us, it is the most reliable confirmation that paying attention to quality is beneficial. Our clients appreciate us for consistently building our portfolio of high-quality products. This is confirmed by market information. It turns out that ActiveJet consumables are experiencing steady growth of their market share – says Rafał Ornowski, ACTION SA Management Board Representative, responsible for the ActiveJet brand. – The high popularity confirmed in numerous tests and the extraordinary award of the Leader of the Decade are, on the one hand, the enormous sources of pride. On the other hand, this gives us motivation to keep on making sure that our customers get the highest quality products - adds Rafał Ornowski.

The Customer Laurel ranking is one of the largest consumer programmes in the country. Its objective each year is to identify the most popular products and brands in their respective categories.