2009 – Komputer Œwiat's inkjet cartridge test

2009 – Komputer Œwiat's inkjet cartridge test Komputer Œwiat, a popular Polish IT bi-weekly, tested Epson-compatible printer cartridges and confirmed the high quality and efficiency of ActiveJet's compatible ink products. ActiveJet ink was tested alongside the original equipment manufacturer's consumable and another manufacturer's alternative counterpart. The ActiveJet cartridge turned out to be comparable to the OEM cartridge in terms of quality, while its price is just slightly above one third of the price of the original product.

Komputer Œwiat published the ranking list in its 21st issue (out on 5 October). In addition to price, the magazine's lab also took such criteria in consideration as quality, durability, efficiency and the ease and comfort of use.

The test was performed on a range of ActiveJet AE-801-6 inkjet cartridges compatible with Epson Stylus printers.