2010 - PC World's inkjet cartridge test

2010 - PC World's inkjet cartridge test ActiveJet consumables ranked first in the PC WORLD magazine's new product test. The testing procedure involved comparing the quality and efficiency of the OEM ink cartridges and their substitutes. The tests revealed that ActiveJet cartridges are not inferior to their counterparts from globally renowned manufacturers.

While one of the genuine cartridges tested yielded 16 pages of one hundred percent coverage (equiv. of approx. 320 pages of standard text), ActiveJet alternative cartridges reached a yield of 50 pages in full black (equivalent to approx. 1,000 pages of text). The tests also proved better performance in A4 colour printing applications. Original cartridges of one of OEM manufacturers yielded 35 such prints and were outperformed by ActiveJet products, which allowed printing as many as 120. ActiveJet cartridges have demonstrated the best standard of all inkjet printer consumables tested. They were as good as the original brand cartridges and clearly prevailed over other non-OEM products.

This is yet another independent ranking that confirms the high quality and efficiency of ActiveJet products. The state-of-the-art production line we use and the sophisticated logistics procedures make it possible for us to offer a product that is competitive in terms of its quality, performance and, last but not least, its price. "The Golden Consumer Laurels awarded to us in 2009 and 2010 prove that those are the very qualities that the users of ActiveJet consumables value most," commented Rafał Ornowski, ActiveJet Brand Director.

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