2011 - Tested by PC Format

2011 - Tested by PC Format

The high quality of ActiveJet printer consumables was confirmed again by an expert ranking list published by the PC Format magazine. This time, the reviewers focused on alternative ink cartridges available for selected printers. ActiveJet was the only brand to be distinguished for the best consumables twice.

In its latest issue, PC Format published the results of the non-OEM inkjet cartridge test, which rated differences in quality, efficiency and costs of printing made with five printers of the leading manufacturers: Brother, HP, Canon, Epson and Lexmark. The authors even took the effort to evaluate cartridge packaging and praised ActiveJet for "the most informative product packaging", which "shows that the cartridge is brand new and what type of ink it contains".

The editors emphasise that their intention behind the test is to provide information on the generally available alternative cartridge brands and demonstrate their performance on the various printers. The results of the test confirmed that ActiveJet cartridges used with HP and Canon printers will not only save money but will ensure the best quality of the printed materials.

While evaluating the performance of alternative consumables compatible with Canon printers, the testers pointed out the efficiency of ActiveJet cartridges and noted that our products "always last longer than their original counterparts, and cause no problems at all". In addition, the test revealed that ActiveJet cartridges render colours more faithfully than OEM ones.

The same reasons, namely the precision of colour rendering and the high efficiency, motivated the editorial staff to give ActiveJet consumables designed for HP printers the "Editor's Choice" award. They wrote:

"The only exception was ActiveJet's refurbished alternative product, which was by no means inferior to the OEM cartridges. (…) Black looked best on printouts made with ActiveJet {consumables} and colour documents had vivid colours".

"This ranking list is very important to us. Even though we monitor the quality of our ink consumables on our own, it was a pleasure to hear that it has also been appreciated by third party experts. They identified as many as 13 strengths in our products, including their increased volume compared to their OEM counterparts, clear and informative labelling that allows telling new cartridges from refurbished ones easily and the user's ability to use up every last drop of ink,"
commented Rafał Ornowski, ActiveJet Brand Director at ACTION S.A.

The high quality of ActiveJet alternative consumables, which makes them an equal match for OEM products, is not their only advantage highlighted in the test. PC Format also mentions their attractive prices. In addition, in 2011 the ActiveJet brand was awarded the "Polish Quality 2011" mark.

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