2012 - PC World's inkjet cartridge test

2012 - PC World's inkjet cartridge test

ActiveJet inkjet printer cartridges won the first prize in a test of non-OEM consumables in all the categories of compatibility tested: for HP, Canon, Brother and Epson printers. ActiveJet products turned out to be most the economical ones on each and every device used in the test, thus making ActiveJet the unbeatable leader of the alternative inkjet cartridge test with the highest total end score of 8.9 out of 10 for all the four printer brands. The real cost per page was 3.64 grosz (0.0364 Polish zloty) for the black-and-white print, which was the least expensive of all the inks tested.

"The independent tests clearly show that ActiveJet consumables are the most cost-efficient ones. The users of our printing supplies can enjoy a high quality of print and minimise their printing costs at the same time. Professional research confirms that an alternative product does not necessarily have to be worse than its OEM counterpart,"
commented Rafał Ornowski, ActiveJet Brand Director.

Eight brands of ink cartridges were tested: ActiveJet, BlackPoint, AB, Scott, ABC Data, Polcan-Uni1, Inkspot and the original brands of each printer manufacturer. The test procedure included evaluation of each product tested in each of the following five categories: black and white print efficiency, colour print efficiency, black and white print quality, colour print quality and product labelling and warranty. The results of that independent test were published in the June issue of the PC World monthly.

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