2012 - Test of UPS units

2012 - Test of UPS units

ActiveJet AJE 650LCD UPS unit, a powerful workhorse at a great price

ActiveJet AJE 650LCD is the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) unit recently tested by the PC World magazine and revealed to be the "Best Value" choice of all the devices tested. The comparison brought that ActiveJet product a strong recommendation for its excellent value to price ratio.

The ActiveJet device has a apparent power of 650VA and a real power rating of 360 W. It features two AVRs, one of which reduces excessive voltage to 85% and the other one increases the insufficient one by 18%. The unit stabilises voltage ranging from 175 to 299 Volts by narrowing its amplitude to 207 – 257 V without using its battery. It also features a quick charger which significantly shortens the time needed for it to recharge.

The use of UPS units to secure power for vital electrical equipment is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays more and more household electronic devices other than PCs require protection against interruptions in power supply. Having a reliable and tested voltage protection equipment increases the comfort of living and working. Due to its advanced features and the affordable price, ActiveJet AJE 650 LCD is just perfect for such applications,"
said Rafał Ornowski, Representative of Action S.A. Board of Directors for ActiveJet.

After 2 hours of charging, the supply unit can provide 177 seconds of 300 Watt output, or 204 seconds at the same load if the charging took 16 hours. The rated time of operation at 80% load is 300 s. The integrated LCD display shows the device status, including the battery level and the load in Watts and as percentage. The recommended price of the product is 318 zloty.