Top Brand 2011

Top Brand 2011

Top Marka 2011 for ActiveJet products

ActiveJet consumables won this year's Top Marka (Top Brand) competition, which is part of the Consumer's Laurel (Polish: Laur Konsumenta) nationwide consumer programme. The key factor behind the decision to award the title is the brand's position among the competitive brands within its category.

"Top Marka is definitely a valuable award for us. Due to the high requirements the contestants need to meet, the award is won by very few. We firmly believe that what makes us stand out from the competition is the broad range of our products, the guarantee of the best world-class quality, the high reliability and durability and the attractive price. We spare no effort to identify and meet the needs of our customers and they notice and appreciate it. This year's award gave our entire team a huge dose of motivation. We are pleased to be perceived as an industry leader, but we also consider it our obligation to continue our work," says Rafał Ornowski, ActiveJet Brand Director at ACTION S.A.

The Consumer Laurel's Top Marka title is a distinction awarded to products and services which attracted most favourable opinions among the consumers who took part in the competition survey. A brand can be deemed successful if it can stay at the top ranks of the competition for at least four consecutive years. The brands that enjoy the best reputation on the market are selected based on an analysis of their popularity and their evaluation by the participating consumers.

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