PC World highlights ActiveJet

PC World highlights ActiveJet

The June issue of the PC World magazine included a test of alternative printing supplies. 6 tested inkjet cartridges for HP DeskJet 1150 were tested but it was ActiveJet product AH-301BRX that won the competition. The cartridge was also distinguished with the „Best Purchase” seal.

The editors who conducted the test highlighted the high quality of the ActiveJet product, low printing costs and its smooth work. Additionally, the cartridge received bonus points for its packaging and how it is secured against drying and mechanical damage. Most notably, during the tests ActiveJet inks did not require cleaning the printing head, still yielding excellent quality.

The main mission of the PC World monthly is to show to its readers how to use hardware, software and internet services efficiently in order to increase work efficiency and save the time and money. The magazine pursues that task by conducting regular tests of IT products, including various alternative printing supplies. This helps the readers to make right choices while shopping.

"I would like to congratulate the editors of the magazine on, yet again, testing alternative printing supplies with such dedication and professionalism. It is vital that the readers who choose PC World are presented with reliable information which enables them to build their success based on the test conclusions," emphasises Rafał Ornowski, ACTION S.A. Management Board's Representative for the ActiveJet brand.

Previous editions of the PC World's tests have already distinguished ActiveJet with three awards: „Editors' Pick” seal for the AH-301BRX inkjet cartridge for HP printers, „PC World's Best Purchase” seal for the AB-985BN cartridge model for the Brother printer as well as the last year's „Editors' Pick” seal for the ATB-1030N toner for Brother laser printing devices.

Note: OEM names were listed exclusively for identification purposes.

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