Silver Consumer's Laurel 2012

Silver Consumer's Laurel 2012

ActiveJet light sources entered the Consumer's Laurel competition for the first time and instantly ranked second. Their success at the nationwide brand popularity contest is the best proof of the market position of the lighting products of the renowned manufacturer.

ActiveJet introduced lighting products to its commercial offer in response to consumers' needs and as an attempt to provide its customers with another type of products useful to them in their everyday lives. The company is working hard to ensure their quality, high technological standard and compliance with environmental requirements. In order to meet those requirements, the manufacturer is continuously expanding and upgrading its products.

"ActiveJet compact fluorescent lamps ranked second in Poland's largest consumer programme, with the top rank taken by OSRAM products. This proof of recognition is of special value to us because it was awarded to us by the customers themselves and it is their opinion we value most. Our success in this competition is the best confirmation of the strong position of our brand on the lighting products market in Poland. It encourages us to continue our work to make sure our offering remains attractive to our customers and that their level of satisfaction keeps growing," says Rafał Ornowski, ActiveJet Brand Director at ACTION S.A.

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