Top Brand 2012

Top Brand 2012

It is the second year in a row that ActiveJet printer consumables have won the nationwide Consumer's Laurel (Polish: Laur Klienta) competition, which distinguishes the most valued brand in each category. ActiveJet has been successfully defending the top rank of the consumer poll for several years now, which brought it another Top Brand (Polish: Top Marka) title.

"The last year's award was very motivating for us. As you can see, our intense efforts to ensure the quality of our products and the safety of their use were recognised by consumers again. The Consumer's Laurel competition is an extremely important event in our industry, as its results reflect how the market is perceived by consumers, the end users of our products. We understand the great value of their opinion as it is them that we create our products for," said Rafał Ornowski, ACTION S.A. Management Board's Representative for the ActiveJet brand.

In the last year's Consumer's Laurel competition, ActiveJet raked in 52% of votes, leaving its competitors far behind. The Consumer Laurel's Top Marka title is a distinction awarded to products and services which attracted most favourable opinions among the consumers who took part in the competition survey. Its winners are the usually the brands with the strongest position in its industry sector. The Polish consumers who take part in the survey have been expressing their recognition for ActiveJet for the past six years, which placed it among the most favourably perceived brands of the Top Marka 2012 ranking.

The results of the Consumer's Laurel competition are based on the outcome of a poll conducted on a representative sample of the consumer population. The poll was taken using multiple channels of communications: by telephone and online, including its official website http://www.laur-konsumenta.pl and the voting boxes at industry-specific portals and vortals owned by AGORA S.A (such as Wyborcza.pl, Gazeta.pl, etc.).

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