Best programme for partners 2012

Best programme for partners 2012

ActiveJet wins a contest for the best partner cooperation scheme for the third time

It has been the third time that ActiveJet brand won the IT Reseller's Best Partner Programme competition. The monthly also awarded an additional statuette to ACTION S.A.'s CEO, Mr Piotr Bieliński.

Our partner scheme was voted the winner by resellers and was awarded the title at an official award gala. A special award for the Partner-Oriented Person of the Year went to Mr Piotr Bieliński, ACTION S.A.'s President of the Board of Directors.

"ActiveJet's third success in that competition is a clear indication that the partner cooperation scheme offered by our brand is still extremely popular with the reseller community. Indeed, the number of our partners has been rising every year. The programme's success is also a great source of motivation for us to continue enhancing and developing it. I would like to use this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all the Resellers who voted for ActiveJet," said Rafał Ornowski, Representative of Action S.A. Board of Directors for Brand Management

As part of ActiveJet's frequent special offers, its leading Resellers are rewarded for their top sales with attractive prizes, such as scooters, bikes, ATVs, televisions, etc., as well as vouchers. For more details, please visit http://itreseller.pl/galerie/item/2213-gala-it-resellera-na-szczycie-galeria.