Virtual Industry Leader 2013

Virtual Industry Leader 2013

ActiveJet's website was recognised for "the best visual and multimedia solutions" in a competition organised by "Papierniczy Świat", a paper industry magazine. It is not the first such award granted to ACTION S.A. in that prestigious contest, which has earned its deserved place in the awareness of the school and office industry.

This year's “Virtual Industry Leader 2013” competition was the eight one and it covered as many as 200 corporate websites. The applications submitted in the "Best Visual and Multimedia Solutions" category were evaluated by an independent committee, which eventually revealed the winner: www.activejet.pl.

It took several long months to build the website. Anyone who has had any experience in website development is aware what a difficult and complex task it is, particularly in such a competitive industry as ours. That makes us even more delighted to hear that the committee has decided to distinguish our site. We did our best to create something extraordinary. It was important to us that ActiveJet's new website is innovative and extremely easy to browse at the same time, giving a clear view of our product range, commented Rafał Ornowski, who represents the Board of Directors at Action S.A., the owner of the brand, in its operations related to ActiveJet. "I invite everyone to visit www.activejet.pl. and hope it will attract your attention and make you "Like" it on Facebook," he added.

The final stage of the 8th "Virtual Industry Leader" competition was held in June and ended with handing the prizes and statues to the winners.