Be eco-friendly!!!


Since the mid-19th century, knowledge and awareness of the environment has been constantly increasing. Activities related to ecology should be permanently inscribed in our way of life.

Therefore, let us consider how we can contribute to the protection of the environment by buying, for example, a printer and consumables.
We should start by choosing the right printing device. Currently, the most popular are multifunctional devices that combine the functions of printing, scanning, copying, and sending and receiving faxes. These printers consume significantly less electricity, and the energy needed to produce them is much lower than the energy needed to produce devices that have the above mentioned functions separately.
The next step towards environmental protection is the printing mode. Double-sided printing, printing on as much of the page surface as possible using reduced fonts and margins, and reusing recycled paper should be the preferred option. Before printing, it is advisable to use the “print preview” option to avoid printing unnecessary pages.
When purchasing consumables, we should choose factory reconditioned products. These are inks and toners that have been processed on a professional production line using recovered items in such a way that the print quality is no worse than the original product. The energy needed to process such a product is up to 50% lower than the energy needed to produce such a product from new materials. Buying reconditioned products we protect the environment – the world in which we live.
The last step, perhaps the most important one, is waste segregation. Inks and toners have electronic components, so the used ones belong to the electro-waste group. Electro-waste must not be disposed of together with other waste. Used ink or toner may be returned to the producer, who is obliged to accept and dispose of it, or to companies that collect such products.
Activejet has made it easier to return empty ink containers and thus protect the environment. Ink is accompanied by a special envelope designed to transport empty containers. Shipping is completely free of charge - it will cost you nothing. See for yourself how easy it is.


Artur Majewski
Vice Director Activejet Deparment